7 in1 Facial Spray

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EnyWoman H2O   7-1 Facial Spray  is an all year round companion. Use often to remove daily stress, set your makeup, tone, moisturize, refresh, and purify your skin.

  •     Stress Defense
  •     Makeup Setter
  •     Relaxes and Shrinks Pores
  •     Softens Facial Lines
  •     Tightens and Tones Skin
  •     Deep Hydration and Refresher
  •     Youth Elixir

Directions: Spray on the skin several times at any time of the day.
Preservative-Free, Fragrance- Free. No need to blot after spraying.
Against animal testing.Paraben Free. Ingredients: Water/ Aqua, Nitrogen composition.

150ml / 5fl.oz

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