Skin Booster Miracle Set

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A perfect skin-brightening booster for areas with dullness.  This is an Emergency rescue for people who desire instant skin rejuvenation. Apply small amount over  the desired areas; do not rinse off, follow up with Retinoic acid(Vitamin A serum) for best result and youthful appearance. A must have for people planning wedding, TV shows or any public activity where instant glow and fresh look is desired. This regiment is a leave in, not a rinse off peel as in other peels. Fortified with hyaluronic acid and oligopeptides to plum the skin and fill in the lines.

Size: 30ml gel/30ml serum

Use gel at night and serum at day time

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Aloe Vera, Salicylic acid, TCA, Resorcinol, Aloin, Vanillic Acid, Vegetable glycerin, Hydroxycinnamic Acid, Ursolic Acid, Mequinol, Ferulic acid, Retinoic acid, Tranexamic acid, Polyphenols, Phloretin, Rosehip hydrosol, Vitamin E, Xanthan gum, Sodium Hydroxide, Phenoxyethanol

30ml each

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