Enywoman Facial Rejuvenation Set

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  • Intensive Brightening Facial Cleanser
  • Daytime Maximum Skin Corrector
  • Nighttime Advanced Skin Repair

Intensive Brightening Facial Cleanserwith  Crystals of Azelaic Acid

Experience instant skin restoration, radiance and health with this new intensive skin brightening facial wash that quickly fights discolorations, black spots, acne spots, firms and renews the skin. This product is a professional strength cosmetic skin product that helps with unwanted blemishes, brown pigments, liver spots, sun damage and old dead skin. Contains high concentrations of deep brightening actives that produce radiance and glow. It has been further fortified with extra concentration of azelaic acid, kojic acid and sulphur to create fast sheading of dead cells and unwanted depigmentation.


Epidermal Growth factor is the most effective agent used in cell regeneration and growth of new tissue, cell differentiation and cell proliferation, effectively dissolves old scars and lightens the scar pigmented area. It increases fibroblast cell proliferation and rebuilding collagen factors on a molecular level. Guarantee to deliver promise in 6 days of twice a day use. 

Phloretin-Ferulic Anti-Oxidant Treatment -Brightening and Firming Night Serum 

A super antioxidant night treatment serum with broad spectrum coverage. Phloretin is hailed for its  protection of the skin from free radical cytodamage, UV damage reversal, also inhibits melanogenesis , and resurfaces the skin within 5 days of use. Ferulic acid is a hydroxycinnamicacid,a type of naturally occuring organic compound. It is an abundant phenolic phytochemical ingredient found in plants cell and extremely beneficial to skin rejuvenation and brightening.

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